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About Qubicles

Why This Makes Sense for the Investor

  • Qubicle tokens are a core utility in the network and will be used for EVERY transaction in the platform.

  • Offers attractive discounted token prices.

  • Capitalizes on the expanding need for Call Centers while meeting Service Level challenges and Leading the Industry to New Market Opportunities.

  • Developed by the Industry’s leading software provider, with 15 years industry expertise.

  • Brings a built-in demand from an existing Employer Customer Base.

  • Provides an outstanding ICO investment opportunity from an Industry Leader in a growing, global sector.

Worker ‘Idle Time’ Costs U.S. Employers $100 Billion a Year, Study Says, Wall Street Journal (Dec. 20, 2017)

Why This Makes Sense for the Industry

  • Redefines the Contact Center business model through its disruptive decentralized platform.

  • Addresses labor issues of excess capacity and variable staffing.

  • Monetizes staff downtime.

  • Provides a global standard of training; ensures consistent quality of service.

  • Incentivizes customer service staff to deliver great customer experiences via QBE Ratings Engine.

  • Utilizes secure blockchain technology.

  • Advances the Contact Center Industry's capabilities

  • Making cryptocurrency accessible to a group of folks who would otherwise not be involved - the average call center reps!

  • Meets the industry's growing demand through emerging technologies and a cryptocurrency rewards and payments platform

Our Features


Idle Time Resource Pool

With PodOne, an employer can auction its employees’ idle time to other businesses and individuals on the network in need of additional human resources to complete tasks. An employer leasing out


Elastic Staffing

Contact centers are able to access the network of representatives whose idle times have been marked as available, and make a request for personnel which includes all the requirements for the posit


E-Learning Platform

Various courses, created by members of the PodOne network, are available in PodOne University on a myriad of essential skills. PodOne University is PodOne’s way of ensuring that the pool of huma


Workforce Management API

As the creators of PodOne are the developers of the award-winning Fenero cloud-based contact center software, key performance indicators on interaction traffic and usage patterns for users of Fene



Blockchain technology allows PodOne to maintain a secure, decentralized network. Using the blockchain, all transactions on the network will be secure and publicly verifiable, eliminating the need f


Tokens & Wallet

The PodOne network is driven by our very own crypto-token known as Qubicle (pronounced like "cubicle"). All transactions on the network are made with Qubicles, providing PodOne with secure, easily-val


  1. Q4


    Initial Coin Offering Prep

  2. Q1



    Design Phase


    Tools and Frameworks

    UI and UX

  3. Q2


    Blockchain and Qubicle

    PodOne Wallet

    PodOne University

    Idle Resource Pool

    Elastic Staffing

    Workforce API

  4. Q3


    Unit Testing

    Integration Testing

    Alpha Deployment

  5. Q4


    Onboard Test Agents and Employers

    User Acceptance Testing and Feedback

    Loop 1.0 Beta Release


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Meet Our Team

The team behind Qubicles has a combined 50 years of experience in the contact center industry and are the leaders behind Fenero, a disruptive and award-winning cloud based contact center platform used by over 2,200 call and customer service organizations worldwide.

Awards & Accolades

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Frequently Asked Questions

The concept is based on the fact that a “pod” is the name given to rooms in call centers. Inside these “Pods” are a set of workstations, aptly called “cubicles”, that stores the desk, chair, phone and computer (as well as some form of personalization from the person assigned to that workstation, such as family photos and sticky notes).

In larger call centers with multiple “pods”, these rooms can house anywhere from 5 agents to 100+ agents and are commonly labeled with letters and/or numbers, such as Pod 1, Pod 2, Pod A, Pod B, etc.

Since our product is designed to represent the first autonomous and decentralized contact center network of customer service representatives and agents, all working in a virtual “pod” to handle various customer interactions, we thought the name “PodOne” was more than appropriate. We also thought that “Qubicles” (with a token symbol of “QBE”) should represent the tokens used on the PodOne network to facilitate financial transactions. The symbol “QBE” is pronounced “Cube”.

Clever, eh?

QBE (pronounced “Cube”) represents the short-hand symbol for Qubicle tokens in the PodOne contact center network. Qubicles are used to post requests for assistance, receive payment for work performed, and to create, use or receive payment for user-generated content created in PodOne University. Qubicles do not give rights in the company, nor do they grant promises of future performance or serve as securities.

We are allocating ten percent (10 %) of Qubicles to bounties (5%) and user growth (5%), which will be used to reward those who aided in the promotion of the PodOne network crowdsale. Once post-sale bounties have been distributed, the balance of this pool will be used creatively to help seed PodOne by incentivizing users for engaging with the network via our Qubicle Ratings Engine.

Qubicles are ERC20-based tokens and are currently supported by all wallets that have adopted the ERC20 standard. Visit to learn more about wallet support.