Tokens & Wallet


The PodOne network is driven by our very own crypto-token known as Qubicle (pronounced like “cubicle”). All transactions on the network are made with Qubicles, providing PodOne with secure, easily-validated transactions without the need for third-party validation. PodOne also provides a Wallet in order to facilitate the storage and exchange of Qubicles. This financial incentive is the backbone of the PodOne network and creates real value for businesses.

Qubicles are also used as the ‘Gas’ for the network. Here are some examples of how Qubicles will function as a core utility token on the network:

  • Posting job requests on the network
  • Applying for jobs on the network
  • Creating and taking courses in PodOne University
  • Rewarding agents for meeting performance metrics (Ratings Engine)
  • Payments for work completed (can be withdrawn to fiat)

Qubicle Ratings Engine

To help increase the quality of work performed in PodOne, members will be given numerous opportunities to earn QBE via our Qubicle Ratings Engine. Upon job completion, Employers must rate Agents based on their job performance to help the Qubicle Ratings Engine determine an appropriate distribution percentage for QBE rewards or performance penalties. Additional metrics such as average handle time, quality assurance scores, conversion percentages and more will be used to determine agent reward eligibility. Agents will also rate their experience working with Employers and attending courses from specific publishers, which will result in the Qubicle Ratings Engine determining a rewards assignment for the employer or course publisher.